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Sustainable Building Advisor Program- The Next Great Step

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By: Kamy Goldfarb

(2009-09-12)... So everyone you know now is a LEED, AP? And it’s assumed that about three-quarters of those people have never actually, nor ever intend to use, their designation. How many people out there only took the test because their company wanted them to take it, or they thought they were “getting ahead?” Well those of you who are passionate about sustainable construction and buildings, but feel that it goes way beyond the buildings and should encompass everything, then your NEW designation is here.

The Sustainable Building Advisor Program takes an in-depth look at the principles of sustainability, not just how to certify a building.

The SBAP presents principles and best practices that the LEED framework is based on. Course participants will learn how to apply these principles on the macro and micro levels, moving beyond the LEED point system to developing a systems approach to sustainability.

Sustainability is a way of thinking. It is an approach to optimizing systems of people, space, materials and resources, and information. The SBAP was designed to integrate these elements in a single curriculum that is recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council as a mastery level course in this exciting and important field.

Typical topics include smart growth, energy management, materials and resource management indoor environmental quality management , water conservation strategies, and best construction, operations and maintenance practices, at a much deeper and integrated level than LEED. The SBA course provides students the knowledge, tools and resources to accomplish the following:

  • Identify and articulate key sustainable building practices and goals
  • Analyze the costs and benefits of implementation
  • Work with designers, architects, builders, operators, and utilities managers to achieve them in their projects
  • Apply LEED, Built Green, and other relevant criteria and established guidelines effectively
  • Take a leadership position in their organizations and communities in a rapidly growing field
Sustainability applies to much more than just buildings. It’s a way of thinking and applying it to every aspect of your surroundings.

To find out more about this exciting new opportunity, go to

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This progam sounds wonderful. I hope the participants will learn about green cleaning products from wowgreen. Their commercial line will be out soon. No one should be breathing toxic chemicals that are common in most products. Imagine having a green super stain spray that removes permanent marker and paint! Contact me for more information.

MarshaGoesGreen 2/2/10 10:26PM

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Sustainable Building Advisor Program- The Next Great Step
Beyond LEED - check out The Sustainable Building Advisor Program....Read Complete Article >>

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